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Tommy's Phyto Live Phytoplankton is a nutritious mixture of four live phytoplankton strains, containing Nannochloropsis, Tetraselmis, Isochrysis, and Thalassiosira species of microalgaes. This blend is great for filter-feeding animals in your reef, such as corals, clams, and copepods. Tommy’s Phyto is a hand-selected blend of these live algaes and provides an excellent source of nutrition for your reef. Because these phytoplankton species are able to reproduce in your reef, they will also naturally consume waste products from the water column such as nitrate and phosphate, recycling these nutrients in their biomass and delivering them to your reef inhabitants.


Free Shipping On All Phyto !!


I bought some and now corals and tank are thriving. Quick shipping, instructions on the bottles. Tommy Phyto makes it easy to keep a healthy and thriving tank.
Price has so much value to it also.


Found Tommy's on BRS and ordered some. Tommy even reached out to me and guided me and in about 2 months all algae was gone, my tank was clear as glass. This stuff is dense and green and smells ALIVE!! Shipping is fast and the price is right and your tank, refugium, and critters will thank you. Thanks Tommy for saving my tank and also for offering an amazing product!


I have used a bunch of different brands of phyto but nothing has been as good as Tommy's phyto! I cant wait till the gallons are available! This stuff has a distinct odor to it but it is due to its density! once you start using it, you notice improved water clarity, happier corals, and happier filter feeders. Honestly, I am a Tommy's phyto customer for life!


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